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Approving Followers

The Localist platform allows end users to follow people, locations, and departments/organizations. By default, users who wish to follow a department/organization must be approved before they can begin following. If you would like to allow users to follow without approval, a Group Admin or Group Officer* can edit their department/group page and check the Skip Officer Approval box.

Approve as Group Officer

When follow requests need to be moderated, a Group Officer will see a notification next to Dashboard via the User Menu. This appears as a red dot on the User photo and a number next to Dashboard:

When the user clicks into their dashboard, they will scroll down to their Activity Feed > Notifications, where they can ignore, accept, or delete the request.

Approve as Group Admin

If a Group Admin wants to moderate follow requests, they can do so via Admin Dash > Classifications > Groups (or Departments) > Follow Requests

The Group Admin can Reject or Approve the resulting page.

NOTE: Approve As Officer approves the User following the page and makes them a Group officer for it. This option is available if you’d like a User requesting to follow the Group and become a Group Officer. Note that a Group Officer is not an Administrator permission and will not grant the user back-end access to Localist. From the public-facing interface, being a Group Officer allows the user to send messages to Group/Department members and approve membership requests.