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We’re here to help!

The team at University Communications built this site to answer many of your questions about using the Stanford Events Calendar. Whether you’re an event publisher, an event seeker, or would like to display events from the calendar on your site, you’ll find plenty of information here. If you have questions that aren’t answered or need more detail on the technical aspects of the system, you can reach the Events Calendar Team via this Service Now form or come see us in our Slack channel.

An overview of the calendar system

Watch the video above for a helpful, quick tour of the Stanford Events Calendar system!

Information for new calendar users

We’ve produced a walkthrough guide that will give you a good overall look at the system and how Event Seekers and Event Publishers will interact with it.

Check out our publishing guide if you’re a new Event Admin ready to post your first event.

For in-depth information, see the rest of this site. Localist also has extensive documentation on their support site.

We’ve created an open Slack channel, #events-calendar-help, for you to reach us directly on weekdays. We monitor the channel during business hours.

We also have a Service Now form specifically for Events Calendar questions. Using this communication channel is great because your question will be distributed to several people, all of whom should be able to help.

10 common questions, x6

Localist has compiled several posts covering 10 common questions asked by their customers: