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Publishing Access

As an Event Publisher, you can create and immediately publish events for your Department, Organization, or Student Group. Event Publishers have an array of choices for classification, a powerful way to ensure your events are shown to the calendar users who are most likely to be interested in them.

Please see the How to Create an Event page for information on using this system to your best advantage.

User Roles

Event Admins (aka Event Publishers) can create new events. Localist’s default is set so these users can create events for any department or group (which we’ll call entities from this point on). To control access somewhat, we’ve set filters that limit that to just the entities they’ve indicated in the request access form. Note that if an Event Admin wants to indicate multiple entities as organizers, we will have to add those entities to their filters. We have some users who’ve asked us to add up to 20!

Group Admins have the ability to edit their entity’s landing page. Because giving a user Group Admin access grants them the ability to edit any entity’s page, we are only granting this access to faculty and staff. Students needing edits to their group’s pages will have to complete this Service Now form and ask the events calendar team to make those changes.

Officers have one task – to approve followers. We’ve defaulted to each entity being set up to require approval for followers, to protect those entities who need that kind of control. Group Admins can turn that feature off by checking the Skip Officer Approval box when editing their landing page. At that point, Officers aren’t really needed anymore.

Anyone requesting Group Admin access will be assigned the Officer role and receive an email from the system every time a user requests to follow.

Request Event Publisher Access

Important: Before requesting Publisher or Admin access, as outlined below, you must create an account in this system and use a SUNet ID to make this request. We will not grant admin access to a non-Stanford email address. If you do not yet have an account, go to this page to register.​

To be granted Event Publisher access, you must agree to the terms and conditions established for the Events Calendar. Complete the form on this page to view these terms and apply for access. Choose the Event Publisher option.

Equally as important: On the request access form, you will be asked which organization/department you’re posting for. Note that we need to know the entity’s name, not your websites or the types of events you’ll be publishing. You can be affiliated with as many entities as necessary. Please be clear in designating these organizations and departments. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of possibilities, and it can be difficult to determine which group you’re talking about!

Request Group Admin Status

On the Localist platform, Groups and Departments are functionally the same. Group Admins have the ability to update their entity’s landing page. Information like description, contact information, and social links can be added, and a representative image can be uploaded. Only Faculty and Staff members will be granted this type of access. If you are a student and would like changes made to your organization’s landing page, submit a Service Now ticket with the information you’d like updated.

Group Admins are also granted Group Officer status. Group Officers have the ability to approve followers for their entity. Groups set to approve followers automatically will not need to handle these approvals.

To gain Group Admin access, you must be approved and agree to the terms and conditions established for the Events Calendar. To view these terms and apply for access, complete this form and choose the Event Publisher with Group/Dept Administrator Access option. You can request access to as many groups and departments as you like.

A note about co-sponsors

To add co-sponsors to your events, you must have those departments and organizations added to your admin access. For some people, this may be a few extra departments; for others, it may be a dozen or more. If you need to add more departments or groups to your access, use the same form you used to request access initially.

Removing Access

Only Platform Administrators can remove Event and Group Admin access from an account. To request this type of change, reach out to the Events Calendar Team via this Service Now form.