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Promote Your Events

Promotion tools on event creation form

After you’ve clicked the Save Changes button when initially creating your event, a Promotion section will appear in the right sidebar of the Edit an Event form. Clicking New Post to the right reveals 4 options – Bulk Schedule Posts, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email.

  • Selecting Twitter or LinkedIn allows you to send a pre-formatted, editable post directly to those platforms which links to the event and includes the date, time, and place. You will need to authorize the account you want to post from for each platform before using this feature for the first time.
  • Selecting Email allows you to send an email to those Events Calendar users who have clicked the “Save” button to express interest in your event. You can send the email immediately or schedule it to be sent at a specific time. There is also a field you can use to exclude specific email addresses from the send.
  • Selecting Bulk Schedule Posts provides a link to download a .csv file that you can use to bulk schedule posts. First, download the .csv template, edit to your needs, then upload your .csv to schedule.

Localist uses algorithms they call EventReach and EventScore to determine which events show up as Trending on the site’s homepage. You can learn about how your events are weighted and rated on their support site.

Request your events be Featured

Featured events are displayed on the Trending tab of the Events Calendar homepage. As with the legacy system, to request that your events be featured, contact the Events Calendar team. Flagging an event as Featured gives it extra weight in the EventScore algorithm.

Add Tags and Keywords to your events

When creating events, strategic use of Tags and Keywords will help event seekers find your events more efficiently. Our Best Practices for Classification and Classification Categories and Terms pages provide in-depth information and advice on the use of all of the classifications available.

Add a Hashtag

When creating events, a Hashtag field is provided. On your event’s detail page, this will display as a link to the Twitter page, which aggregates all content on their platform that includes the hashtag. Strategic use of hashtags can provide additional visibility and help others outside your immediate network discover your events.

Share via the sharing button on the front end

Each event on a listing page and each event’s detail page include a sharing button that provides direct links to share the event via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Simply click the share button, then click the icon of the platform you want to share to, and a pre-composed message that includes the event title along with a link to its detail page will be generated. You can then add to or edit the message before sharing.

Feature your events on your own site

Localist’s Widget Builder offers an easy solution for displaying your events on any site you own. Putting a widget on a well-traveled page of your site can drive more traffic to the event’s page on the Events Calendar, increasing the event’s ranking in the algorithm.