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Looking for information about an event?

The Events Calendar team does not host any of the events you see on the calendar. If you have questions about an event, look for the Sponsored by: section below the event name for the organization or department you should contact for information, as seen in this image.

The sponsor listing is below the event title
Sponsors are listed below the event title

Calendar admins – help is nearby.

We’ve created an open Slack channel, #events-calendar-help, for you to reach us directly on weekdays. We monitor this channel throughout the day and generally respond quickly.

You can also submit a Service Now form for Events Calendar questions. Using this communication channel is great because your question will be distributed to several people, all of whom should be able to help.

We also encourage you to check out Localist’s extensive documentation site.

Channel browser
If the link to the Slack channel doesn’t work for you, use Slack’s Channel browser to search for events-calendar-help