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Express Interest in an Event

One of the most helpful features available to Event Seekers is the ability to express interest in published events. When viewing any event, you will find a Save button with a bookmark icon. Clicking this icon changes the text to Saved and adds the chosen event to the My Calendar tab in your Account Dashboard. You will receive an email from the system the day before your chosen events to remind you they’re upcoming. For days with multiple events, you will receive one email with the full list.

If the event you’ve chosen requires registration or ticket purchase, you will be alerted by a popup stating You’re not going yet! with a link to either purchase tickets or register. Note that the event will still be added to your My Calendar tab.

If you decide you’re no longer interested in an event, simply click the bookmark icon again to indicate this change. The button text will change to Save.

If an Event Publisher chooses, you will also receive an email after the event has passed asking for your reaction and feedback. This is a great way to let people know how to improve their events!

Note: Localist calls this feature “I’m interested” if you’re looking at their platform documentation.