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Account settings


Your profile settings contain the usual information – name, email, profile pic, etc. Note that if you’ve created your account with your SUNet ID, you will not be able to edit the name and email fields. That information is being pulled directly from Stanford’s systems.

Under your profile photo, you’ll find that you can connect your social accounts to make it easier to make plans with your friends.


You control who can see your activity on the Events Calendar platform. You can choose Everyone, Just my friends, and Nobody for each type of information. Note that the My recent comments and reviews and My photos dropdowns have no effect, as we will not be using those features of Localist.

Privacy notice: Before February 14, 2022, all user accounts were set to share their activity with everyone. Accounts created on or after that date are set to share only with your friends on this platform. You can check and change your Privacy settings here.



Localist can send you email notifications about several events, for example: changing details on an event you’re attending or someone’s sent you a friend request. You can also choose to have reminders sent to your inbox. Each of the settings can be changed by toggling the checkboxes.


With the Digest feature, you can craft as many personalized weekly event digest emails as you’d like. Like the Widget builder feature, the Digest builder presents an array of options based on the system’s taxonomies.

Each of the dropdown menus allows for multiple selections. There is a set of dropdowns for excluding specific Event Types, Audiences, and Subjects for even more control over the content you will receive.

Want to receive an email digest on Friday telling you about all of the music-related events at Bing Concert Hall, Bing Studio, and Frost Amphitheater? Create a digest for that. If you’d also like to receive an email on Sunday with events related to your major or from specific departments or schools, you can create that digest as well.


The Bulletin feature of Localist has not been released for Stanford’s use at this time. However, we may offer this feature in the future.