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Clean up your copy

Many event creators work on their event descriptions in Word or Google Docs before logging in to Localist to submit their events. Once they’re happy with their work, they’ll copy and paste it into the description field in the event creation form. It makes sense – you’ve typed it once, why type it again?

Did you know that when you copy from those apps, you’re carrying more than just the text? Depending on where you’re copying from, you may be bringing along a lot of HTML markup – the code used to format the text display – and pasting it into Localist. This markup code overrides the formatting built into the events calendar website. The most common issue the Events Calendar team sees is that text in the description is much smaller than expected.

There’s a simple way to prevent this from happening: a free online tool called detergent. Simply copy your text, go to the detergent site, and paste it into the Input area on the left side of the page. You’ll immediately see your cleaned text on the right. Copy that, paste it into the creation form’s description field, and you’ll preserve the look we created for the calendar!